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  1. Look what I can do:

    Aikar Bukkit broke town and apparently spawns with the bug fix reboot.
    Aikar fixed it though :)
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  2. Yay! Now my res is in an even worse condition to navigate!
  3. Oh Aikar, what have you done? :p
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  4. I just launched myself off again on 5 and I'm still good. He fixed it, but still hilarious.
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  5. Ugh. I missed it... I wanna try it. :p
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  6. It was bukkit's fault this time. :D
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  7. Ah...accidently led people into a trap...my res' spawn is at block limit so...:p
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  8. Your comment was blank for like 30 seconds before the picture popped up XD
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  9. Shhhhhh. They don't need to know anything.
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  10. It's still not *fixed,* however Aikar reverted our Bukkit update and is waiting for them to fix the bug. :)
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