u can get free MC realm trial!

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  1. https://mojang.com/2015/08/realms-map-explosion-and-free-weekend-trials/

    if u click 'Minecraft Realm' u may see a colour link. if u click u can get a 2 week trial to try Minecraft realms.

    tell u guys: EMC is MORE fun. for real, i only had fun b/c shell accepted invite.

    careful!! u need 2 pay for this. trial is free, but after that they want u to pay them per month. so yeah.

    but if u want to know more about realms, now u can try.
  2. I had this for a month, played one adventure map which in all honesty was a little bit of fun. After that, it was basically a bust. So many limitations, such as only being able to 'load' in a few maps before you are no longer allowed to change any maps. Only semi fun game was that pizza spleef type game, however was laggy as all heck.
    My thought on it, was that i'm glad I really didn't spend anything on it.
  3. EMC is definitely more fun. Realms is basically your single player world but on a remote server with a monthly bill. The main advantages I can think of (based on what Aya told & showed me) are backups and mini games. But honestly: what good are mini games without people to play them?

    But... The link which Aya mentioned above:

    If you see that colored link above you can click it and then configure the rest. It's kinda fun, but honestly... A single player game can do the same thing and might be easier. Well, apart from the mini games.

    The lower link is obviously not accessible unless you have been invited. And this is not an invitation to that.

    Speaking of which... Aya: you owe me some beer ;)

    I got invited to the "Rei's place" (Aya's realm) and when joining I ended up in a pretty nice survival area. The area definitely invited for mining and playing, it looked real good. So then Aya told me that she could start mini games, and if I'd like to try one. Well, sure... But yah, that turned out a bit weird:

    So before I had the chance to read anything myself we were in some kind of turn based labyrinth game. Figuring Aya would have read at least something... But... hmm....

    (we both bailed out in the end) :)

    I'm considering to do a Realms review, but I'm not sure about it yet. I don't want to risk advertising other servers, and although this seems to be a little in between to me... I dunno.

    But I can honestly say this: I sincerely believe that Realms doesn't even come close to the kind of fun you can have on EMC. And playing on EMC is free whereas realms sends you a bill every month.
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