TY Auctions #6 Epic Enchanted Bow! (Flame I, Punch II, Power IV)

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  1. TY Auctions #6

    Description: Flame I, Punch II, Power IV Bow
    Starting Bid: 300 Rupees
    Minimum bid increments: 50 Rupees
    Ending Time: 38 Hours after last bid
    Pickup: Smp1 /v 858. I can maybe bring it to your res for 20 Rupees extra ;)

  2. 300r:)
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  3. padde73 is in the lead with 300 Rupees!
  4. Bump for timezones :)
  5. 352r
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  6. lubica is in the lead with 352 Rupees!
  7. Something like 25 hours left until lubica wins with 352 Rupees!
  8. How much longer
  9. Bump! Lubica you just won! Just reply in 2 days, or the Bow gets to padde73.
  10. You can't give it away to me if he doesn't awnser you will have to wait for him
  11. Post useless things.
  12. I will have it i got 500r in my pocket
  13. You are just to late...
  14. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.