Two Setting Automatic Cobble Gen! Low-Maintenance Obsidian Gen! (One lava bucket per setup!)

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  1. I have schematics for a cobble gen that produces cobble at two rates. 6 blocks at a time, or ~15 blocks at a time. I have a obsidian generator with reusable lava, but it uses redstone. One redstone per obsidian, and that is used up in the process. It can be replaced with a cheaper material such as string or any placeable item that you can walk over. 500 r for the cobble gen + supplies (redstone, torches, repeaters, lava, water) 1000 for the obsidian + supplies (5 redstone dust, lava, water)
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  2. Seems.. Reasonable! :p (Except the Obsidian one) (IMO)
    Are those cobblestones Gen made using Pistons and Such?
  3. cobble = yes. Obsidian = no. the obsidian is expensive because it's one reusable lava bucket, but I'll lower it to 1000
  4. Your is reminiscent of someone seldom named...
  5. ill go there. copherfield. :p

    and ill take the obsidian. will the price be lower if i pay for supplies? i know how to build one, just am to lazy to do so.
  6. no. its 1000r and if i pay for supplies u reimburse. 1000r is as low as it gets. wat server and res are u, I'll go now
  7. i cant afford the full 1k, i have the money, it just barely takes me below my spending limit. i have all the materials....
  8. You shall not speak that name aloud! Don't you know you can't swear on EMC?
  9. who's copherfield?
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  10. copherfield, copherfield what'cha gonna do to me?
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  11. WHO IS HE?
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  12. just type his name in, and look at his postings.
  13. nothing unusual
  14. Copherfield was the leader of a group that used to be on EMC named Delta Team. Copher flipped his **** and posted a thread about how corrupt EMC was and how donating was terrible. He then made his own server invited players publicly on the forums to his new server and asked to be temporarily forum banned. It was later upgraded to a permaban.

    EDIT: Oh, and he called everyone who followed ICC and JG Submissive sheep.
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  15. oh ok. Thanks
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  16. Thought the same thing.
  17. bumpity bump
  18. Must we talk about one of the Forsaken here?