Two questions.

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  1. Is there much of a demand for Mushroom Soup?
    And who sells the cheapest water and lava buckets?
    1. I guess so.
    2. No idea.
    1. Not really being so widely used in wild camps for quick/free renewable food
    2. No idea, just shop around im adding a section to 9139 for lava/water buckets cheap
  2. 1. No, because it's not stackable
    2. Idk who, but some shops sell lava buckets for under 30r, that is about 12r net, which is cheap
  3. Funny you should say that, when i'm online alot of people are prepping for huge trecks out into the wild and want alot of Mushroom Soup.
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  4. Maybe they just savour the rich earthy taste of a good mushroom soup were as the pumpkin pie is too sweet for everyday eating.