TWO lot destruction parties! SMP4 lot 9444 and lot 8700

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by melodytune, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. We are opening all res perms at lots 9444 and 8700. We will start with lot 9444. Then after it is mostly gone we will be opening lot 8700. Come one, come all. Lot of glowstone, wool, stone, glass. Sand. The shop chests at 8700 will be pretty well stocked. Redstone - Come and get it.
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  2. part has started ! Don't miss it! Hurry - beacons will be available - high priced items
  3. Why so sudden... And why when I need to sleep!
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  4. 2013-02-07_23.39.47.png
    Highlights are the beacon, 2 wither skulls, 32 diamonds, and a ton of chicken and squid.
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  5. That was the most fun i have had in a long time :) thank you
  6. Lol I got there to late for all the money stuff... But man enderballs are fun!
  7. :eek: gesh, I went there right now for shopping purposes and got scared of the view around me! seriously... didnt knew it has been open for destruction. Phewww....
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  8. What? Why did i not know of this as a smp4 resident?
  9. I miss everything.... :(
  10. me too :(

    i always see these parties on the forums, but always right after the event ends :(
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