Tutorial: TP players back when they get a question wrong..

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  1. Hi gang,

    I was cleaning up my screenshots folder (event leftovers, the rest is all uploaded to Imgur) when I came across a reminder which I had forgotten :oops:

    I've done the tutorial a dozen (and most likely even more) times. Not for the tutorial Easter egg hunt (I should start doing that sometime) but mostly to re-read sections, double check sections and (at a later point) also to verify things for the wiki (to a minor degree). In fact, I've been here often enough to know the answers to the questions from mind. I don't read them, I simply run left and right to get ahead.

    However, some time ago I did re-read the questions again and decided that I should check what happens if you answer a question wrong. You basically get told "you're wrong, try again" and can then re-answer that same question. But because all questions are "yes/no" kind of questions it becomes painfully obvious what the answer is. Even if you didn't bother to actually read the question (if some players actually try to /report staff for doing their job then I'm pretty sure that there are also players who will try to skip the questions).

    So my suggestion: If a player answers a tutorial question incorrectly, why not teleport him back to the section which explains the subject he was asked about?

    For example: the first question in the tutorial is about harming / hurting other players. So if you'd answer that incorrectly then I'd suggest that you get teleported back to the Redstone block area in the beginning where it clearly explains that you shouldn't harm or hurt other players.

    So instead of allowing the player to quickly re-answer the question you could force him to find his way back to the question area after (hopefully) having re-read the explanation.
  2. +penguin (+1000)
  3. makes you actually stop and think, the best way to learn. I like it.
  4. I don't object to the suggestion, but I can tell you why it won't happen:
    "You can lead a horse to water..."

    As much as I wish otherwise, you can't actually force someone to learn something. In the specific example of the tutorial, it would either frustrate people (who then quit), or simply make them memorize "Okay, on [this] room, I go left." And hell, maybe EMC would be better off without illiterate or lazy schmucks just speed-guessing their way through the tutorial, but it was my understanding while working on the thing that the focus was to present as much necessary information as possible while not impeding a player's ability to join.

    Personally I subscribe to the "quality over quantity" argument, but even I have to admit you can't be certain that the player you shun for ignoring the tutorial won't end up being a helpful and valued member of the community.
  5. 1.8 will help with the tutorialproblem (/title command)
  6. +chocolate great idea! That probably explains why players have no clue what to do when they finish the tutorial
  7. Good Idea ShelLuser! I'm liking it!