Tutorial starter kit - It has been done!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FDNY21, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Its been a trek, but today itz done. I finally have a dc of starter kits:
    Apart from me being crazy mad with every EMC item with different coloured writing and that is a little bit special, comment your thoughts? :) ~FDNY21

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  2. Are you selling this :p?
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  3. Great! But how did you get the pickaxes?
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  4. Sorry not yet, it was a trek to get these! xD

    Just did the tutorial and they were there, and bought the rest of them! ~FDNY21
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  5. How did you get all these? Did people give theirs to you, because if so, I so could've helped. (Unless you have 9 alts...:confused:)
    But besides that, congratz! What an accomplished goal for you! :D
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  6. He got them from Jack with his uncoutable alts :p haha, he will have two DC without help :p
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  7. I only have 1 alt! xD

    I got 2 myself, got 1 for free, and bought the rest! People really do vary the prices :confused: How could you have helped? :p And thanks :cool: ~FDNY21
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  8. I have only one of each for the starter kit. It would be just a small donation, because I really don't need them. :p
  9. Whoah, what is a starter pack?
  10. A toy
  11. I could pick them up if you want? if you give me a res # I will pay all vault charges and stuff :)

    True. ~FDNY21
  12. Since we got a new tutorial, When you go through it you get these "starter pack" Things. Its just some iron tools and armor but it has colored writing and fdny has a thing for colored writing..
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  13. Yes I really doooo :D ~FD
  14. Who doesn't love different colored names?
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  15. Sure! I'll be on in a minute. My res is on smp1, 1758! :)
  16. :O I love em thats for sure!
    On my way :) ~FD
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  17. Haha, mine glitched and I got two pickaxes instead of one and I didn't get the sword. :p
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  18. Are you looking for the sword? ~FD
  19. No thanks. I have alts. :)
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  20. Okay ^_^
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