[ TUTORIAL ] Spoiler { I had troubles so heres help }

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  1. Hey! Im pretty sure most of the community has wondered [ once ] "How do people do the spoiler code?". I was one of those people until I found out. So for the people that have wondered this just type this simple code: [ SPOILER ] ( w/ out the spaces ) and when you type ur message, between that and this following code, type [/SPOILER]

    When the thread/comment is then posted it should end up like this:
    Put comment/thread stuff here :D

    I just wanted to post this to help the community because I was one of those people that did not know how to do the spoilers
    Thanks :)
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  2. I don't get it :p
  3. really xD
  4. When I first saw this I thought it was some type of spoiler to /tutorial lol... Helpful thread, though there is a part of the forums where it already explains
    all the other BB Codes. :p
  5. I don't understand what this thread is about =P
  6. Few things to note:

    - Never have any formatting in spoilers. They'll duplicate.
    - [spoiler][/spoiler] <--- That's done without the spaces. Just enclose anything you don't want to turn into a spoiler with [plain][/plain]. :)
  7. Its for the new people and those who didn't know how to do the spoiler code.
  8. If you need more info on this go here .
  9. Extra note:
    For future reference, it's right here... http://empireminecraft.com/help/ (not sure why that isn't a big tab anymore when it has a bigger priority over some of the ones that are still there >.>)
  10. I also think you can name a spoiler whatever you want. I'm testing this but if it works you'll have an example...

    [ SPOILER=Item List][/SPOILER]

    Item 1
    Item 2

    BTW... Spoiler is not on the help page of the BB codes
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