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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ShadowKman, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. When I go into the Empire Minecraft server, it says I have to complete the tutorial. I come here but I can't find the tutorial. Please help me!
  2. it should land you right into the tutorial :/

    If i remember right, which i might not, you could type /tutorial to get back....
  3. You needed to register with the site in order to access the tutorial. Now you have done so, you can access the tutorial by connecting to any of the smp servers listed on this page.
    All the answers to the questions in the tutorial can be found in the Empire Guide, and i recommend not voting to get more rupess until you have completed the tutorial and are in town, otherwise it interferes with the welcome packages you recieve. :)
    Hope this helps.
  4. i tried but i could nit get to the tutorial
  5. If you were trying to join the Utopia server that will not work. You have to complete the tutorial on an SMP server first. Hope that helps :)
  6. well i know this and maybe /tutorial should do it
  7. Odd. Definetly try /tutorial, but otherwise it should just put you into it. Where does it spawn you when you connect?
  8. /tutorial will take you back to the tutorial if you want to visit it again :)