turning text file into in game book

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  1. I wrote out this great short story, but it turns out that bookz mod is no longer compatible :confused:
    I am wondering if there is another way without having to manually copy the text in. If no one knows how, I will probably use this as a reason to learn how to make minecraft mods :p although I would rather use something already made.
  2. Seeing as no one has replied, I am guessing there is no way. Time to learn mod making. From the brief research I have done, it seems like I would need to extend the book gui and add a button that turns a text file into an nbt thing that I believe stores the book data. For the modders out there, would this work, or will I end up with some problem?
  3. I think you can do it page by page by copy and pasting the text from your text editor directly into the game
  4. Yea. I realized the page by page thing although that seems like a lot of work although making a mod would be more. I will probably still make the mod although I will use the copy and paste for now.
  5. use to be a mod to do something like this called Bookz (with a z), don't know if it was updated though.
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  6. Lol.

    I suspect that a macro could be made. You would just have to use the override key while in the book.
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  7. I some how missed that one statement in the post....
  8. As a creator of many books...if the bookz mod is broken, you will need to manually copy the info page by page from your text document. It sucks when things break. :(
  9. As others have said, without Bookz your only option is copy-paste.
    Fortunately it's not quite as bad as it sounds, and is significantly less likely to result in weird formatting errors (like words running off the bottom of the page).
    Not that I don't wish Bookz was still working... being able to copy / paste / auto-sign an inventory's worth of text in seconds is way better than the craft-table "cloning" option, even with the printing-press design Importerer created.