Turned the Nether Into the Overworld

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  1. Hello, EMC! I got a little bored today, so I downloaded the most recent version of MC Edit, and I made the nether into the overworld.
    I turned netherrack into grass/dirt, I turned fire into roses (Poppies), I turned red mushrooms into dandelions (Flowers), I turned soul sand into sand, and I turned lava into water. 2014-07-23_22.47.58.png 2014-07-23_22.48.37.png 2014-07-23_22.49.16.png 2014-07-23_22.49.26.png 2014-07-23_22.50.36.png 2014-07-23_22.50.51.png

    If you'd like to play on this map and explore a little, there's a download link here:
  2. wow that would of taken years to make!! Well done
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  3. Actually, I did it in about 8 minutes using MC Edit.
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  4. WOw nice!
  5. GG looks lovely.
  6. Except the darkness and biome of course :)
  7. Well, it is just the Nether with edited blocks. I wasn't sure if there was a way to change the biomes.
  8. I added stone to this.
    2014-07-24_09.38.58.png 2014-07-24_09.40.01.png 2014-07-24_09.40.35.png 2014-07-24_09.41.14.png 2014-07-24_09.43.46.png
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  9. That's awesome Jay! Love it. Could you upload the world so I could explore myself? :p
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