Trying To Sell 'Redstone Comparator'

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  1. For some reason whenever I type:

    'Redstone Compar' (As many characters as I can get of Redstone Comparator.)
    'Redstone Compa' (I think sign lengths increased in 1.8?)
    'Redstone Comp'
    'Redstone Com' (At this point I give up.)

    It changes to 'Redstone', which I know is going to mean redstone dust and result in nobody being able to buy them.

    I don't want to put '404' because nobody will know what they're buying.

    This worked before the 1.8 update. I have a chest shop on SMP9 for 'Redstone Compar'.
  2. I think, in a shop sign, if you type in the item ID, it will fill in the name as best it can in the acceptable format.
  3. Update: Placing 404 on the sign also changes it to say 'Redstone'.

    Update 2: I have confirmed that you can actually buy and sell comparators from that chest. It's just confusing as anything to have it say 'Redstone'. I guess this is distinguished from 'Redstone Dust'.
  4. It seems to me that the block name is simply too long. "Redstone comparator" and "Readtone repeater" are most likely to behave the same in this manner. Not sure though, just a suspicion.
  5. Yes it's definitely too long to fit on a sign, however 'Redstone' is very confusing.

    The short form should be 'Redstone Compar' as it was before or 'Comparator' if possible (like 'Repeater' for 'Redstone Repeater').

    At present the best I can do is stick a redstone comparator above the sign, but I do suspect some customers may be afraid to click in case they think they're buying 34r redstone dust and it's a typo. That would be my first reaction if I saw it in a shop and wasn't aware of this.
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  6. I have this fixed for the next server update. Shops will recognize it as "Comparator" now... instead of Redstone

    Edit: FIXED
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  7. I think what Chickeneer meant to say was that this is now fixed :D

    Talk about fast!
  8. Yeah I saw it right as I was about to go to bed lol
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