Trouble with Marlix?

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  1. Marlix seems to be dying off on his this has happened to three of the Marlix bosses that we have had spawned in the Wild. He just spawns in and then 5 seconds later, dies. It's quite frustrating to be honest since it's happened to 3 so far. I'm assuming it's a glitch...or perhaps he is dying of fire like the other Enraged Mobs? I have not actually seen him die, only read it on the screen.

  2. I think he dies due to his own fire.
  3. Hmm, very odd.. looking into it.
  4.'s been happening since 1.6 update, I believe.
  5. ya its happened 2 to us now D:
    EDIT: 3
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  6. All the enraged mobs have lost their speed and have been burning ever since 1.6...
  7. lol i havent seen an enraged mob for a month and im out in the wild all the time.
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  8. What is Marlix?
  9. Same here, like 2 days after the 1.6 update I say like 1 every hour, but by the time I got to them the burned alive..
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  10. Ya to me there no fun anymore.. you cant reach them or find them.
  11. I've seen 2 momentuses, but not a single marlix.
  12. No no! Leave it just the way it is!
    We won't have to deal with ANY Marlix's, and we can get the loot easily! ;)
    Wait, did i just say that out loud?
    I mean, uh, potatos are yummy c:
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  13. Have fun finding the loot... I'm 0/3 on that part
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  14. their loot will not drop if you dont damage them so no, also since the update all potion effects applied to mobs have been canceled