trouble logging in

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by n12i1ck11, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. When trying to log into empire server i get this message
    fail to login connection timed out: connect
    If any one know how to fix this please help.
  2. Close MC and try again.
  3. Pull up minecraft, Click options and force update.
  4. dont tell him to force update! or he wont be able to log on at all! EMC isnt 1.4.2!

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  5. Oh ya oops
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  6. did that to but that would upgrade me to mc1.4.2
    and it didn't work
  7. lol.
  8. All that means is youve had Minecraft up too long. Just do what other people did and start up Minecraft again.
  9. I have restarted my minecraft and restarted my computer
  10. I'm having similar issues with Utopia only. I can log into other servers, just not Utopia.
  11. And oddly after trying to do a Direct Connect from the Multiplayer menu it starts working fine.... Curse you Murphy!
  12. Which server? You may be infected with a virus, so scan with Avast!.
  13. Restart your PC?
  14. Nothing in the hosts file (seriously, if there's something in there that you don't know is in there, you have other problems). Restarted PC. This happens now on multiple PCs coming from different uplinks (One at home, one at work in a completely different city, different provider).

    Connect using the Server List, instantly dropped back to the main Minecraft screen. Connect using the Direct Connect and I can log into Utopia just fine. Only happens with Utopia. Machine at home has a few of the supported mods loaded (MiniMap, WMLL, etc), work is a Stock client.