Trouble finding res!!!

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  1. Recently i have had some trouble logging on the EMC for those people that did help me thank you. I did get on, but when i got on i could not get to my res? Every time i do the command (/home) it says "that res could not be found on any server" I'm scared because I really don;t understand how after 4 months of not playing got deleted i really hope it didn't. help if you can please thanks
  2. were you off for more then 30 days?
  3. 4 months would be enough for it to be deleted. If you haven't logged on in 30 days then someones else has it now. You need to find a new one.
  4. Our derelict policy helps new players have places to live by removing 'inactive' residences (people that have been inactive for 30 days). You are considered inactive if you do not message staff about absence, vote, or log in for 30 days. Sorry!
  5. 30 days is the limit until is direlict-aka anyone can claim it if they want for some rupees. Then after about 60 days or so, the server automatically resets the res completely. A staff member can reset it earlier manually, but that's only if a player specifically asks the staff member.
    EDIT : But for a staff member to reset it, it still does have to be direlict.
  6. Staff don't individually do them. Players can forceclaim for 5k, but otherwise a system runs every so often to remove old res's.
  7. Wow before i was off for over 8 months and my res was untouched. Now i have restart from the bottom.
  8. Yeah, it happens. The Derelict is put in place to keep reses from being claimed and then filling up and keeping people from being able to claim. If you would like to rejoin and work your way back up, I'm sure people would be willing to help :)
  9. Sorry, but it has to happen.
  10. only if a player specifically asks the staff member.
  11. No, there is an actual /forceclaim command - Staff no longer manually unclaim them ever.
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  12. No rupee fee anymore? o,o
  13. The rupee fee is still built in...
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