Trees and Eggs

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  1. On Smp7 a couple of players were asking about trees and eggs. Apparently even though caseyrae18 stood afk in her res, her chickens won't lay eggs, also jwalker8822 says trees don't want to grow either. I kinda noticed the egg thing at the wild outpost on SMP6. I even stood close so they would lay eggs and didn't get many. Was something done to affect them?
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  2. I am not an expert on a subject, but this is from my experience. Trees normally take a few minutes to grow, up to one half hour. Maybe walker's tree was close to another tree, building, or road which prevented it from growing. What I am guessing about the eggs, is that Aikar possibly nerfed them. In a vanilla SP world, chicken eggs drop like crazy, and those drops cause a lot of lag.
  3. If you go AFK on EMC the chunk around you won't load.
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  4. Oh, didn't know that was implemented yet. :/ Bummer.
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  5. I actually wasn't AFK :( I'm normally on all day either building, farming, et cetera in my res.
    I was again today but only got 2 eggs towards the end of the day... its the first 2 I've gotten so far.

    Also with the trees not growing, we've made sure that the trees have plenty of space.
    And even then, moving them in a completely open space they still won't grow.
    Noticing that some trees are worse than others..
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  6. was there a fixx?
  7. I noticed that too. My iron farm didn't collect a thing while I was afk. When I started moving again, the golems came down like normal..
    Edit: and the chicken farm hasn't collected eggs while I was away.
  8. We'll try it on single player test it if it's the same to close results then it's not a server bug.....
    It's just how slow it goes
  9. I have also noticed that eggs do not get laid as often as they used to be. I have 95 chickens and they hardly lay any eggs at all. (not afking either).

    As for trees not growing, yes they need space. Be aware that some trees (dark oak) you need four in a square to grow them. If you want to test to see if they will grow hit them up with bonemeal. What species of tree are you trying to grow?
  10. I have found a method of obtaining insane amounts of eggs :D just have it setup to where the chickens are floating in a small flow of water, leading to a hopper. I have an example on my res if you would like to see. Whenever I login, i empty the chest of eggs, after working around my res for about 30 minutes i have another stack or more (chicken quantity dependent) ready for harvest :D
  11. According to minecraft wiki, adult chickens lay eggs every 5-10 minutes, only adult chickens will lay eggs.
  12. If you read this
    Pretty sure he wasn't online for 15 minutes lol
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  13. Thats why you AFK in the chunck of your chicken farm
  14. Trees seem to be okay now..
    Not sure why some wouldn't grow, we do plant everything correctly. Such as the dark oak in fours, etc.

    I'm in my yard quite a bit, farming, fishing, sheering sheep.. well over 5-10 minutes.
    When I used to play on my own vanilla server, i had no problem with getting eggs.
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