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  1. I currently have about 60+ trees at my res. A 60x60 layer with just birch and the bottom layer covered in oak and pine with a massive jungle tree in the centre.

    I am looking for workers and if subscribers to the res.
    If you are looking for work I will offer 10r per stack which you store in your designated chest.
    For subscribers I will offer 1000r or cheaper a month (This means about 4 stacks a week would make your money @64r per stack) for free access to ALL the trees, bonemeal and sapling. This is provided that you MUST replant what you have taken.

    If you want delivery(to any res) I charge at 80r per stack. As I recieve more subscribers I will add more layers.

    P.S Subscribers will recieve a 10% discount on Enchanted items once my Companion Cube Store is complete.
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  2. Nice idea, I approve ;)

    Just keep an eye out of grievers, eaye?
  3. LOL Fire Spread will be turned off and one must pay upfront... Subscribers and workers are the only people allowed build perms.
  4. Yeah, that's what they all say, then guess what happens? ;)
  5. Well Its true! Once in a while I reset the perms just in case. Nevertheless always good to be careful!
  6. i would like to help you work it
    i love trees (tree huger)
  7. I ll set up a chest for you to place the stuff in tonight
  8. I ll set up a chest for you to place the stuff in tonight
  9. Awesome I'll probably be on tonight if not tommorow.
  10. If you wanna lower the price to 70r each stack, ill buy it all.

    And i do mean ALL you provide now and forever.
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  11. Lol I got customers who buy for 80
  12. Rofl i have a large Tree farm at smp 9 and i offer 70r per stack with personal storage. Its only have way done Q_Q 4/8s but you your might want to do better then 10r per stack
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  13. :) one day you'll learn.
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  14. My price varies and I sell from 64-80 depends on buyer. I'm not trying to be being rude. Anyways back on topic any subscribers?
  15. have you looked into redstone tree machines? (the legit ones)
  16. So subscribers just chop wood for them self
  17. Yeah but its like a buffet
  18. yea whats your server and res i want check it out . I have tree farm to on Smp5 10241, just want to see what other farms look like :D
  19. My Res is 16803, tree farm is alright...Jungle Has been Chopped though
  20. BUMP! Pricing has been altered, delivery is @70r each