Treasure Hunt

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Silken_thread, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Hi just to get you in the mood for later when ItsMeMatheus Starts his Even at his grand opening on smp2 4266 Mario themed shop, I thought I would host a small treasure hunt of my own at 13131 smp6.

    In a few hours I will be opening the hatch to let ppl into the area under my shop where i have hidden chest with all sorts of goodies enchanted books, some diamonds and silk pickaxes but you will need to search hard to find them all I may hide 1 or 2 items around the shop itself, some teleports may take you to some areas not easily accessible.

    It will start at 10:00pm GMT or UK time
  2. Sounds cool, i'll be there :) Yay free stuff :p
  3. I should be there! This is awesome, I may do this myself later...
  4. Getting close now less then 15 minutes to the start :D
  5. Started now come to 13131 while there is still time
  6. Event is now over a lot of fun had by all that joined in :)