Treasure hunt has began

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Gabstar2012, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Somewhere on wild theres a big city with incredible richnes theres maps in EMC who find the city can own all the stuff seceral chests with trasures may be found in the great city!!!
  2. Server?
  3. Which server?
  4. I'm thinking LLO?
  5. Which server?
  6. Server please.
  7. Can we have pictures of the location containing the "riches" please, we wouldn't want anyone accidentally stealing from another wild city. :)
  8. I have a feeling it's slimetown :cool:
  9. English pl0x
  10. I cant tell with server the city is located I can just tell that the map is located on smp9
  11. I have take 5 months to build the city and onestly... ITS BIG BIG BIG
  12. go to 18928 (smp9) and go to the teleport caled: history to now more about the city
  13. to say truth its based on the lost city of: irwem of pilars none too as the atlantis of sands because its in the midle of the desert of RubĀ“al khali on arabis
  14. If you built it, why do you want to take us to destroy it?
    Ooh I got it now. You built a city with hidden chests and we are supposed to find them :)

    Comunicate: the player Larinha10 find the 1 map but dont wory there is lot of time to try reach it he is still in the first map only