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  1. I have big questions. I read on another thread that the ratio in the waste to the waste nether is actually 1:1 and not 1:8 as it is in the frontier. This is new to me.
    And so.. the waste has clear boundaries - is it possible to travel farther than the boundaries in the waste nether to pop out somewhere outside of them? I just have a very hard time even after a reset finding new unexplored areas because it doesn't really take that long to travel the entire area.
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  2. That looks like an interesting blog question (sorry for the spam) ;)

    To my knowledge the 1:8 ratio also applies to the Wastelands but you know the old saying: you don't know until you tried. One question I can answer (more or less): to my knowledge you'll continue to die once you passed ye old waste border. Comparable to the events in the void.

    Even so... this sounds like something I should try out and write about :D

    (edit: and obviously report any mishaps / exploits / etc. to Aikar, but that goes without saying).

    Time to hack the planet, err: Empire!
  3. Nope, I have gone to the end of the waste nether, popped a portal and ended right at the edige of the waste. Its 1:1 and its dead on.
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  4. Would this be the same in the frontier?
  5. Not likely because the Frontier isn't limited like that.
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  6. yes, it's 1:1 (8k by 8k) and dead on. No its not the same in the frontier, its 1:8 as in normal minecraft. But as we know the actual dimensions have not been defined.
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  7. So the waste is smaller than the frontier?
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  8. Are you pulling my chain fB? Yes, significantly smaller.
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  9. wait so....the waste resets?
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  10. No Unexplored areas in the Waste? I've been exploring the remaining "Black Areas" in the waste a lot lately, wanted to get as much done as I can before the reset. Got SMP2, done, and I've switched over to a couple of other servers. There are still some places left. True a lot of the areas in the Black are water, so bring a boat! I love exploring!
  11. Why did I spent my life going to the border in the frontier? -_-
  12. You guys are hilarious. Hahaha.
  13. I don't think there's a border...
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  14. It wouldn't go on forever, I never made it anyway so... we'll never know
  15. Well if you look on the map and zoom out as far as you can you will see there is a clear border on the waste. The frontier seems to be limitless. I have gone out in a boat in the waste a few times and also on foot, and traveled all the way around. It didn't really take that long considering. You can throw an ender pearl past the edge but it bounces you back, and if you get going really fast in a boat then jump out you can see the boat continues on, but you can't get back in it lol. I was just reading another thread where a friend was popping in from the nether waste in various places and wondered if that was one way to get past the border.
    So thanks for all the answers ! I will just have to be fast when the next reset happens ;)
  16. I think that the frontier is like the normal world, 60millionx60million