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  1. Hello everyone! I have started a small printshop to sell my wares. I do custom printings and sell classical short stories, historical documents, etc. in Minecraft. The business is conducted via mail and deliveries, as my shop is under construction.

    The Week-By-Week Series:
    Every week receive a new chapter of A Study In Scarlet by A. Conan Doyle, the first book in the saga of Sherlock Holmes. Each new chapter is delivered around Wednesday one a week for the next Fourteen weeks. You can start any time.

    3080r in total for the entire book paid and delivered over 14 weeks. 220r per week.
    Post below or PM me to join.

    Printing Services:

    • Book printing: Want your own work (short story, magazine, newspaper) professionally and expediently printed in EMC while maintaining distribution rights? PM me and I will give you a quote.
    • Classic Book Printings: Have a favorite short story or book you would like to see in the store? Just ask! Average of ~200r/book.
    • Cards: If you need customized cards to give out during the holidays, for a birthday, or whenever, I provide any card for any occasion. They come unsigned so you can add a personalized message, and you can request anything physically possible to be put on the card. 25r - 75r.
    For quotes on any of these, shoot me a PM.

    Current books in stock:
    • The US Constitution and Bill of Rights. 3 Book set for 700r.
    • The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. 1 Book for 150r.
    • The Mutineers of the Bounty by Jules Verne. 4 Books set for 800r.
    To order, post below or PM me!
    Bulk discounts available.

    All non-bulk orders default to being sent via mail. Pickups and deliveries are also available upon request.
    If you would like a pickup or delivery, the cost of the item will be changed accordingly (Note this is all for non-bulk orders, for bulk orders see Printing Services):
    Pickup... -10r from cost/book.
    Hand Delivery... +100r total.

  2. Give me A...

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  3. Curious choice of literature...
    Personally, I'd encourage original work over transcribing published fare.
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  4. Do you mean map art by "flyers"? If so, PM me.
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  5. Mmm, I think I like this :D
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  6. I do agree, I simply am not much of a writer.

    I will probably revamp this soon, though.
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  7. Well, If you want, I'm a writer. I could write the stories and you could publish them maybe?
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  8. Now that's a good idea :D
  9. Sure. PM sent.
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  10. UPDATE:

    Now selling The Mutineers of the Bounty by Jules Verne.
    A fun little story of survival and redemption, it is a 4 book set going for 850r.
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  11. Bump!

    Price for "A Scarlet Letter" slashed from 5k to 4k.
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  12. Prices on all books cut by 50r
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  13. The Prices are WAAAAY to expensive. I would sell for like 50r. O3O
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  14. In defense of myself:

    Each book requires somewhere between 45min - 3hrs of work.
    I screwed up and skipped a few lines in one paragraph in the first book of the Constitution, for example, and had to retype the whole thing.

    That being said, I might lower the prices soon.
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  15. Nonsense, the prices are amazing. :)
  16. Unless the rules have changed. One cannot receive payment on the promise of goods in the future. Trades must be conducted in full within reasonable time period. (like instantly - Auctions allow 76hrs).
    This idea has been proposed a few times in the past, and unfortunately canceled due to server rules.

    Correct me if i'm wrong mods?

    An alternative solution, though cumbersome might be to receive a payment for each book sent out when it is sent out. With the first payment being double (thereby sneakily paying for the next one in advance). A failed payment in the future results in no new titles sent, until payments are caught up.
    Alternatively, you could set up a 'bookshop' with each one of the series for sale. Has the advantage of people joining in the saga at any time by purchasing all the previous parts of the series.

    Just some ideas.
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  17. I don't see anything in the wiki and one of my customers for A Study in Scarlet is a mod, but I will work with the alternative solution you mentioned until I officially hear back from a mod.
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  18. Past practice and the general rule of thumbs is that payment for and reception of goods and services happen within a small window of time. This, as a subscription service, makes for a unique situation.

    This is how I see it should work based on the rules, guidelines and past practice.

    The players tell you that they want in on the books you are offering. You should start a forum convo with them detailing what the subscription is for (how many books over how many weeks) and the total price. As you mail out the bools (mail is traceable) you receive payment for that part of the subscription (Total price / Number of books). As the players are agreeing to pay for the whole subscription any failure to pay would be met with consequences. That gives you-the content creator-protection from failed payments as well as providing security to the players that they will receive the service offered.

    As for payment terms. The player has 48 hours to pay (unless you and the player agree otherwise) once the weekly book is mailed. This is the same time-frame allowed as in auctions.

    I hope this helps to clear things up. If not, feel free to start a convo with me or post here.

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