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Do you play Transformice?

Yes! 13 vote(s) 37.1%
No. 18 vote(s) 51.4%
Sometimes. 4 vote(s) 11.4%
  1. So AliceF3 and I were talking about Tranformice and she helped me with my signature(it is a stat bar), and we thought of an idea to make a tribe called "Empire Minecraft" where players from EMC, can just really play on Transformice together really.

    If you do not know what Transformice is, it is a game where your goal is to collect cheese and bring it back to your hole. There are many game types such as Vanilla, Bootcamp, Racing, and more!

    So do you want to join Transformice and our empire tribe, "The Empire," so you can play with everyone on EMC? Comment below if you would like to be invited. If you need any information about Transformice in general such as help, be sure to comment that below!

    All EMC Rules are being reinforced into Tribe Empire Minecraft. Any spamming, cursing, screaming, and rudeness may get you kicked of the tribe and repeat offending could involve you in EMC action. Make sure you obey all the EMC rules as if Transformice was a EMC server. :)

    EMC Tribe.

    For cheat codes and commands to get you bonuses, open the spoiler below!

    Use /atelier801 to get a free hat.

    Use /facebook to have a 20 cheese.

    Register your email to get 40 cheese and a cheese earing.
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  2. The tribe has not yet been made but it will be as soon as I have enough monies to make it! :p
  3. Im mousinatar, and wise, im in your game :D
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  4. I would be more than happy to create the tribe for you guys. :)
    I have 1200 Cheese with nothing to spend it on.
    Except something nice that comes every once in a while.

    And Id like to also inform the people out there that this virtual game has some.. interesting.. people out there. (Language, Names, etc) Viewer Advised. :)
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  5. I sorta already have a tribe.... But eh
  6. Can I join, I'm Masteremc
  7. Of course! Go on and set up a account. There is a bonus. When you set up the account, if you go to menu and click on Change your Password, you will have to put your email. Once you do that, you get 40 bonus cheese including a cheese earing!
  8. Okay, so it is simple! But I am still a little new to this Transformice thing, is there leaders that can set rules in tribes or just one leader. It would be easy if you could choose moderators and owners of tribes. Wondering if that is possible. Also make sure you name it, The Empire.
  9. Well there are different ranks. Somewhere 5+ Each rank is different and vary on with what they can do. The creator could make somebody have the same rank and have the same power as him ( Except Dissolve the Tribe, Or anything I forgot)
  10. Sure, I'll join it :D
    My username is Parkcheesey (I was recruited by Alice :p)
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  11. I can join :D My name is Theminikins :D (of course it is, don't be daft mini, you use that name for EVERYTHING!)
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  12. I definitely did not just play this for an hour, then felt like I was the worse mouse that ever existed in the history of mousedom.
  13. Everyone feels like that when they first start, you can join me and theminikins in room 543 if you like ( 543 is my usual friend room :p )
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  14. Don't worry, I still am getting use to it too. :p Whenever I am a sham I get the hardest things possible. I am still getting use to jumping and strafing.
  15. Okay, well could you please make it called, The Empire, and make AliceF3 and I the tribe leaders. You can be one too. We need to invite all players that posted on this thread.
  16. The Empire name does not work. It just says that the name if unavailable. Any other names I should try? List them in a order 1 2 3. 1 Stands for most wanted. Last name is last possible tribe name you want.