[Trading] rares for DC's of items

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  1. Hi EMC,
    please type your rare and what item and how many DC's you would accept for your rare item
    Arrows max is 3 DCs
    Bones max is 3 DCs
    Cactus max 2 DCs
    sugarcane max 5 DCs

    Items I will build for rares
    a full auto chicken farm (this is a product I build and supply materials for)
    auto cow/pig farm
    semi auto tree farm

    I will add more items!

    labor bench
    1x DC of bones
    1x DC of arrows
    an auto chicken farm

    Thanks for looking :)
  2. Haunted Head, 1DC sugarcane + Full auto chicken farm, if that's not too much to ask
  3. thats a deal please can I have the res number an access chest and a build and use flag on that res thanks
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  4. ok no worries its 18337 on smp9, could you build it inside the structure?
  5. Labor bench,1 cow farm,1 pig farm.
    Do the villager farms work in town?
  6. ok sure, deal please give me build and use flags and what res its on oh and also an access chest with the labor bench in there please and yes the villager farms work very well in town they produce a lot of villagers my friend gets like 64 an hour at least
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  7. Could I get a villager farm plus the arrows instead then?
    And I'm giving you flags and the access chest shortly.
    Please use the TP Storage 2 to access your drop off chest.
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  8. sure
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  9. hi, ive a haunted head, whats the trade for it?
  10. well chose some stuff and I'll say yes or no please be sensible with these offers :p
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  11. 18377?
  12. er where you want it aquazzz in the pyramid
  13. Just anywhere is fine
  14. Trading: 1 Haunted Head
    Wanting: 1 Villager Farm | One Full Auto Chicken Farm | 1 Double Chest Of Sugar Cane
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  15. ok sure but I'm not sure if I can do villager farms now would you accept something else?
    and what res and where. Can I have build use redstone and possibly container if your ok with that
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  16. Done Aquazzz please PM me if something is wrong :) thanks
  17. sorry we dont do villager farms anymore would you like your original order?
  18. Okay.
  19. can I have build and use flag please
  20. I'm sure I already gave you them.