[Trading] Promos

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  1. Hello EMC! So I am in need of an EggNog, any 60k member item, or any promo really. I would like to trade or buy any promo that you guys offer except turkey slicers. Please post your offers down below or PM me :) I hope we can work something out.
  2. I am also buying an aikar head for 15k or trading for one. Prices are negotiable :)
  3. Do you have any Promo Instructions or any of the new Valentines Roses?
    If so I would be willing to trade a few things for them.
  4. Poop -_- i just sold 2 new roses. :p not anymore. Anything else you can trade or need?
  5. Sorry, but no. Those are the only promos I need at the moment. If you ever come across more just ask me.
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  6. I will do my best :)