[Trading] Promos for Emeralds (In need of Emeralds)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sefl, Feb 13, 2019.



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  1. I'm currently Trading the Promos for your Emeralds!

    PM Sefl In-game or on the Forums to work out a deal!
    • (64x) 1x Dragon Stone = 25 Emerald Blocks
    • (75x) 1x Unused Starter Horse = 96 Emerald Blocks
    • (5x) 1x Can Opener = 900 Emerald Blocks
    • (32x) 1x Unused 2018 Valentine = 960 Emerald Blocks
    • (1x) 1x Ham Hacker = 6.5 DC's of Emeralds
  2. You do know the ham hacker comes out to like 3 mill right
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  3. reg emeralds not blocks
  4. Can I buy everything? I don't have enough emeralds at the moment but could deliver next week.

    edit: Or maybe those price are each? I was counting it as a total.

    edit2: Sent you a PM :)
  5. This a great idea, finally the emerald blocks I won in an auction will come in handy. Sent you a pm.
  6. I want to do this but I am trying to figure out the math to see if it is worth it for me and I can't seem to figure it out
  7. What can I get for a dc of blocks
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