[trading] Permanent Derelict Protection Voucher

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  1. Recently got one from a friend and have no plans on leaving EMC anytime soon so I'd like to trade it for one of the following:
    • Max Res Upgrade Voucher
    • 80k members armor
    • Supporter Gifts
    You can always buy it if interested.
  2. aww, i only have a full independence day set and 30k to trade :( Is there anything else (i.e blocks, items not promos) that you would trade?
  3. have you figured out if you need anything yet? I offered you all i could last night.
  4. I have a chain helmet from the purple people drop party.
    (not renamed, a genuine one)
  5. he does have one, I see many things from the same screen. (computer broke)
  6. I'm going to have to pass on items as I don't really need them.
    Is it this item? If so I will trade you for it.
  7. How do you mean, not renamed? If it isn't renamed it isn't anything special.
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  8. 80k leggings?
  9. i think he means not player renamed, but it is admin or staff named with perty colors
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  10. Yes it is! Please keep it reserved until I can get online and make the trade via mail.
    EDIT: Several other people have sent in offers for it, and I will wait until the best deal is made.
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