[TRADING] Ore Buster for Diamonds

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  1. I have Ore Busters i want to trade for diamond. 1200 diamonds for 1 Ore Buster
    that would be 90k worth of diamonds at 75r each. (or 78k at 65r)

    Only rule for trading is that the diamonds cant be bought from my shop.
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  2. Deal
  3. If you have more than 1 I am in as well.
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  4. yes, i do got more than one. i am online at smp9 right now.
  5. DC of diamonds = 3 orebusters? I can throw on a little cash if you need it too.
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  6. a dc of diamonds? sure :D
    ill set up an access chest at 18208 on smp9 as im going to bed now.

    dont need rupees, if you can, trow in a few more diamonds ;)
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  7. I got some
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  8. I may be able to just get enough for another if possible
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  9. How much is 1200 diamonds? A sc?
  10. 18 stacks and 48 I think
  11. It's 578 short of an SC
  12. Allengero; please reserve an orebuster for me too.

    If you're interested in emeralds as well; I can throw in a DC of emeralds + 10k if you want
    and/or 1.5DC of glowstone blocks for an orebuster.
    Or a DC of Iron blocks per Orebuster? I have a few DC :)

    Let me know if you're interested in any of my offers (besides the diamonddeal, which I am also willing to do once)
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  13. I have the diamonds in an access chest inside 9500 just to the left as you walk in :) Thanks all 1200 diamonds are in there.
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  14. I'm in. Should i drop off the diamonds or do you want to pick them up at my res?
  15. done
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  16. If I give you 1 diamond, can I get 1/1200 of an Ore Buster?
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  17. anyone else wants some cheap ore busters trade?
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