[Trading] God bow for beacon

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  1. I have a god bow I want to trade for a beacon. The bow has this enchants:
    Power 5
    Unbreaking 3
    Flame 1
    Punch 2
    Infinity 1.

    Pm me if interested!
  2. nobody interested?
  3. Guess so
  4. Ah u are interested?
  5. Come on this is a Great deal!
  6. I have a beacon I'd be willing to sell for a below average price, but I'm not interested in the bow. PM me if this interests you facu.
  7. I just wanted for bow.
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  8. stop bumping, no one wants it
  9. I trade 2 bows so...
  10. Okay, but seeing no one is interested, maybe now would you consider?
  11. Guys he has a right to bump and to just get in peoples faces for getting mad about it... -BUMB-
  12. Consider what?
  13. Paying a lower than average price on a beacon, you can PM me if you want. After 7 bumps, I just don't think anybody wants to do this particular trade.
  14. What Would be a reduced price?
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  15. Nvm, bow traded. Post closed
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