[TRADING] Diamonds for Cobblestone

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  1. Hello EMC! Currently i am selling and trading for some items:
    Trading: 3 DCs of Cobblestone for 1 Diamond or 2 stacks of furnaces for 1 diamond.
  2. Villager Eggs gone! Thanks Todd! :p

  3. I may do the cobble deal, but 4 stacks of cobble is like 100r
  4. Well, i might lower it to 3 stacks
  5. Cobblestone offer lowered to 3 stacks!
  6. Isn't the Furnace offer rather unfair compared to cobble?
    Since 2 stacks of furnaces equals 16 stacks of cobble?
  7. what should it be changed to?
  8. How many diamonds do you have? Because I could set you up with a sweet amount of cobble.
  9. Tell me how much cobble you have and I can set you up with a sweet amount of diamonds. :)
  10. I currently have a full double chest but I could get more if you want.
  11. I would do 18 diamonds for that, and more would be appreciated
  12. I will see how much I can get and will message you tomorrow and let you know how much I have.
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  13. Ok thank you I cannot get on tonight
  14. I have a full double chest of STONE if you're interested?
  15. Nope, only cobble
  16. Ok, I forgot that my dad had to ake our computer for a presentation, so I won't be on until late tonight or most likely tomarrow
  17. I got 32 DC of cobble. Do you have 96 diamonds ? ;)

    (yes, thirty two double chest of cobblestone) :D call me crazy :p
  18. I do indeed, I will mail them to you when I get on
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  19. Ok, so no more cobblestone is neede. Pat and Zulus are my last customers.
  20. I have 4 double chest of cobble I just need to get 3 of them out of the wild.