[Trading] Diamond Supporter Voucher for Max Res Upgrade Voucher

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  1. I'll trade a Diamond Supporter Voucher for a Max Residence Upgrade Voucher. Reply to this or message me if you're interested! :D

    I will only trade once.

    EDIT: I will pay 200k + the Diamond Supporter Voucher for a Max Residence Upgrade Voucher.
  2. $20 voucher for a $30 voucher, seems like a fair trade
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  3. there are a lot of weird things like that. $20 in rupees is 214.5k, however, a diamond supporter voucher is $20 and you can get 400k or so off of it; same with the other vouchers. the OP will be updated now.
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  4. grammar nazi!;) lol
  5. Should be a comma, semicolons combine two independent clauses. Independent clauses have a noun and a verb. The first part was a dependent clause...
  6. you are correct...:(:eek:
  7. Here you go; read all of this carefully:

    Semicolons separate two independent clauses. Independent sentences also have a subject and a verb. You're typing some of your sentences as fragments; "Should be a comma" should be typed as "It should be a comma." There is no subject in "Should be a comma." What should be a comma? It. "It" is the subject. "$20 voucher for a $30 voucher" (should be "A $20 voucher for a $30 voucher") is a sentence fragment too. It doesn't follow the correct sentence structure (parallel sentence structure, since it includes a comma). For example, "I hiked up a mountain, biked, and watched TV" should be "I hiked up a mountain, rode my bike, and watched TV." Also, I don't try to be mean when doing this stuff. We're both "grammar Nazis" :) If you still think I'm wrong, I can email my English teacher ;)
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  8. gee gee
  9. hehehe ;) now gimme a max res voucher
  10. I'll trade you a diamond voucher for a diamond voucher :p
  11. If you sell your diamond voucher and add the 200k to the profits, you will probably find a Max Res with money leftover.