[Trade] Want diamond supporter

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  1. Offering Full 2014 IDay set including both types of fireworks
  2. whats the sword?
  3. freedom blade, probably?
  4. freedom blade
  5. How ya get the armour?
  6. 3 other alternative accounts and leftovers in rupees
  7. what edition? light, dark, do not claim?
  8. No i mean like how you get the armour
  9. I don't know the diff
  10. People save them? :p They're from 2014
  11. If you look at the thread closer its 2014 armor so how you get it is you don't
  12. Light,Dark? I don't see a diff If you can tell by the pic let me know
  13. It's the original light version (dark version of the red writing was bought from /shop)
  14. Is the Original more rare since its original and authentic
  15. No, it may be worth more because it's original but that's countered because it was a /promo that anyone could claim and the dark red may not be original but it was rarer because it was from /shop only :) Either way, they both cost about the same so no worries
  16. k Thx
  17. Which current /promo item would have better future resale since the cupid bow did not do so well I have no hope in the meteor and more belief in Iday fireworks. What's your standpoint
  18. the bow will like be 15k after not a big deal and the fireworks are all the worst promo probably.
    but do you have something else to add to that? since its the normal blade it leave the armor at 200k or so and I'm looking for 350k or so of promos at least for a trade. (not interrested in the fireworks)
  19. I have spares of pretty much every promo, usually you'll know when it's going to be rarer. Usually the earlier promos go for a lot more than all of the new ones now but eventually the current ones could become those rare ones. This isn't really relevant to your thread though so you may want to try and keep this on track for the trade :)
  20. I have 80k but have other promos ill post pictures of other promos