TRADE Saltar for ???

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  1. Alright, I have a Saltar ( in egg form ) that I will trade for any other EMC Horses.
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  2. I can't trade any other rare horses but are there any items, blocks, ect. You will trade for it?
  3. Dragon Egg, Ender Life Crystal thing, JustinGuys head, or 1,000,000r.
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  4. He can buy for 35k at the /shop...
  5. You realize you need an original dragon egg to place an Ender Crystal. <--Worth a few mill

    Salter isn't worth nearly as much. You can get it for free + you can buy it for 35k.
  6. I renamed my horse with speed, I don't like the names, but you lose the orange color on the name
  7. Your looking at a horse worth 35k and you want stuff worth 1million or up?
  8. What is a saltair?
  9. Salter is a promo horse that you can obtain with /promo 1.6 (might be /promo anniversary I forgot) that has boosted speed compared to other horses. It can also be bought at the empire shop for a limited time at the price of 35k.
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  10. Everybody unaware that it was a joke when I said I would trade for those items...
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  11. ill trade the 4th of july firework
  12. No. Just no.
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  13. well the firework is worth 35,000
  14. Then what are you looking for?...
  15. I need one of the Other EMC horses for my Saltar
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  16. then why would you trade your saltar?
  17. I have 2 saltars, I need to trade on for another horse.
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