[Trade] Diamonds For Logs

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  1. Have logs? Want diamonds?

    Simply set up an access chest on your residence and post below or send me a PM. I will come by and swap your logs with diamonds! Every 2 stacks of logs will get you 3 diamonds (enough for a diamond axe, which can let you cut over 24 stacks).

    I accept all types of logs and you can mix and match as long as the final total adds up to an even number of stacks.

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  2. I can make a machine that automates this process. Contact me if you're interested. If you wish to include all wood types it might need its own little room.
  3. It's not really that hard of a process to get logs, but for sure if you have a fully automated way then you could make more diamonds.
  4. No, I mean the trading process :p
    They sell you 3 stacks of logs for free and 1 diamond is put into an access chest or 9 stacks and 2 diamonds...or whatever. It would automatically shut off and have a display light if out of diamonds.
  5. If I start to get more wood than I can handle and need a machine, I'll be very happy lol xDD.
  6. Or if you're just afk a lot, and your ads are bringing them in :D
    Or if you just like paying people to build unnecessary and showy machinery.
  7. If you think you have a better way, build it on your res. I can pay you 5r/trade.
  8. I see diamonds here, just hope this offer will stay long enough :)

    res: utopia 5074

    Will let you know when i cut some logs.
  9. It is practically a perpetual offer. I have lots of diamonds and am good at mining more.
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  10. If the offer is still good.
    User: MissFable
    Res#: 11332
    How many stacks? 32 stacks
    I will put the wood in an access chest next to the spawn point.
  11. When I first saw this, I thought it read: [Trade] Diamonds For Legs
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  12. Offer is still ongoing! Anyone else want diamonds?