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  1. I found 1 post close to what I wanted to add to but I did not have permissions to add to that conversation.

    My thought is, an auction site much like the community, supporter and reverse. This auction site wouldn't be based on "rupees" at all, instead it be a barter for items. Rules would be easy and discretion to the poster to accept trade or not. All safe transactions of course.

    I have 3 enchanted diamond pickaxe's all with efficiency 4 and unbreaking 3. I am willing to trade these for 1 enchanted diamond pickaxe with Eff 5 unbreak 3 and silk touch.

    It would be a great way to trade any item for anything you want or need. The Person bartering would have the option of choosing the best option that fits his / her needs. The person offering would need to sweeten the pot, so to say to get that Item.

    Another example,

    I have 2 beacons but I lost all my armour and gear. What would you offer for 2 beacons?

    Person A , I have a set of diamond armour

    Person B, I have a set of diamond armour and a diamond sword.


    This auction idea of mine could be treated no different than giving admin to a player on a res. This would be a player run auction, therefore taking up less of Moderators time. Kind of a Deal or no deal but the rules I mentioned before would be these.

    All players are responsible for having said trade items readily available and unused.

    All traders must have the same.

    Transactions will take place on 1 res between agreeing parties.

    Both parties will place chests with preview signs before actual trade takes place. Each player in agreement gets to view the trade before final. Access signs only if both agree.

    At that time players can decide if Barter / trade will occur.

    The person placing the post would have final say.... Honestly, not needed but this is a rough draft.

    This list can go on without control but since I'm newish to EMC I would really appreciate feedback to see if something like this is wanted, feasible or even possible in a different format all together.

    If a person posts a ridiculous trade no one would respond. This is merely a thought.

    Thanks for reading,

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  2. Well, you can do that on the products and services section of the forum, but I like your idea. Just not as a separate "site", but as another specific section of the economy forums.
    Also, some other rules would have to be created in order to prevent people spamming with useless offers and to assure safer transactions. +1
  3. I'm learning the forums so I appreciate your guidance. Thank you for seeing potential for this to going in "A" direction, I don't care where.
  4. I'm with you on this one. ^_^ I have actually thought about this myself. Awhile ago, I asked if a trade was allowed. The mods replied with yes, but they are NOT responsible for the trade going wrong. If you get screwed out of a trade, they cannot assist since it is treated as a private matter. I think an access chest would be a bad idea. Maybe 2 separate hopper trains that lead to each player and have them separated by glass. Only problem remaining is making sure the other player actually throws the item(s) too. That's why the mods can't regulate trades. Some people out there just like watching the world burn..... +1
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  5. I agree with this; it can be a long process to repeatedly advertise the same messasge on every smp. +1
  6. So can I trade?
  7. When Reverse Auctions were added, somebody tried it and it worked out before they were added.

    Maybe try one of these Barter auctions in the correct forum and see how it works out. Then you'll know if it is worth it or not.
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  8. This is a fairly smart idea, and like StoneSky said,
    +1 for me.
  9. Not bad I like it!
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