[trade] 6dc of glass + 2 dc of stone for mob heads (my heads)

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  1. hello everyone so like the title says I'm trading 6 dc of glass and 2 dc of stone
    its for my new shop its a small meggamaal (lol) i do have prety much heads
    here all heads that i do have

    magmacume 5
    chicken 4
    zombie pigman 24
    muchroom cow 1
    slime 9
    pig 2
    anderman 2
    cow 5
    zombie 50
    creeper 28
    sheep no one
    wither skelleton no one
    spider 20
    cave spider 7
    ochelot 1
    gaest 1
    villagar 3
    skeleton no one

    that is all (i will't trade all :D)

  2. I'm not really understanding what you're asking, do you want mob heads? Or are you trading mob heads?
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  3. Ya as joshyrocks13 said I don't really understand!
  4. i do have all that mobheads and i want the glass and stone oh yes do't pm my normol on this tread

    sorry i do have VERY bad ingglies :p
  5. Bumb ( not bump)
  6. oh yes i also want to buy THE GLASS with rupees but i have only 17kr but when you do want to sell my 4dc for 17k I'm happy :D
  7. bumb..... i real need it for my new shop
  8. I do have 2dc of stone and glass only need 4dc glass :D