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Do You Hate Me, For Making Another TPA Thread?

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  1. Now, I know what you are thinking, another thread on tpa-ing, and you're right, but this thread is NOT like the rest. Epic Music.

    The following rules will, or may apply to tpa-ing.
    • YOU MUST Be inside town, as well as the person you are tpa-ing to
    • SHOULD Be an option to ignore tpa requests, or ignore them from a certain person
    • SHOULD Be an opt-out option (Similar to above)
    • MAY Be supporter only
    • MAY Be a rupee charge every time you tpa
    • MAY Be an expansion on the current "/g" command (more below)
    I realize there is a "/g" command, for staff members, inside, and outside of town. This may be expanded to non-staff members, with the above restrictions.
  2. I find the /tpa command close to useless.
    • Why /tpa to somebody when you can merely say /v ####.
  3. But, if someone is somewhere tricky to get to in a residence...
    And, since I am on smp9, it would be /v ##### (5 digits) :D
  4. I guess this would be ok, but there would have to be a flag on residences that could block tpa-ing or events would be impossible
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  5. Fair enough, but, you could just disable tp after the event started.
  6. I think that you should be able to disable it permanently on your res, or parkour places could be beaten by 1 person allowing infinitely many unfair winners.
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  7. That would be a nice addition, but not a necessary one, in the event that it is added.
  8. only way i could see this being usefull in town is if the player need to accept the request of the player wishing to tp to them.

    But over all see this being a bad idea for event "ie: mazes, parkour etc" now if a res flag was added and set to default off, i would vote yes
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  9. I know that it was (might still be) a feature to TP to members in a group. There was a 48 block limit and a cool down of 15 minutes (in wild) and no limits in town.
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  10. There is?
  11. It still hasn't been added. I think Aikar might have forgotten about it.
  12. not forgotten, just havent gotten to it. It's something I REALLY want to add though. Maybe after DT part 3 is done.
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  13. ive made note on the ticket about the need for a flag, but death, it would be default on as maze/parkour courses would be the fringe case where you would care and need to disable it where as majority cases would not need to disable it.
  14. So the impossible will now BE possible.. :D
  15. i only suggested deafult off because alike the other million flag most people just dont know about them, thought it would be nice for the oblivious to not get hurt over a simple flag was all.
  16. So calling you out on that 'no one cares' part. I'm pretty sure alot of people, including me, do.

    I'm not entirely sure if I agree, or disagree with this suggestion. I mean, yeah. I'm all for the costing rupees part, residence permissions, but what i'm not all for is the usefulness of the idea itself. I don't see why you can't just /v their res?

    I could possibly, and I say this with the lightest meaning of it, see this working in Utopia wild. It fits right in with the whole idea of Utopia I think. As long as it would require Diamond Supporter or atleast Gold.
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  17. the base idea is and this is just an example " hey bob im need some stuff brought to me so i can contiune my build, with out having to build a dirt tower to get back here. bob: sure np frank /tpa bob - you have been charged 25r"

    it would be more for players getting to hard to reach players and would be use full for private trades. i can tel you how many time i would make a verbal agreement in town chat and go to trade with said players and bamm 80 people show up to my res like vultures