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Should Towntopia be open to Supporters?

Yes! 7 vote(s) 50.0%
No. 2 vote(s) 14.3%
Unsure. 5 vote(s) 35.7%
  1. Towntopia (I know, horrible name) is a project I have been thinking about for a while now. I want to allow Non-Supporters to have a small taste of what it is like to live in Utopia. I want them to be able to experience the flying experience and the ease of building. My goal is to build a decently large sized town with purchasable plots for anyone to buy. You will receive the build flag and access to all your containers and what-not and all for cheap prices. Here is more information and features.
    • Cheap Prices
    • Varying Plot Sizes
    • Protected Containers
    • Public Cobblestone Farm
    • Public Industrial Furnace
    • Public Tree Farm
    • Permission to make your own shops!
    • Easy to remember res # (5525)
    There are however a few rules.
    1. Follow basic EMC rules.
    2. Do not go in/break others' creations without permission.
    3. Keep your plot looking clean. (No dirt houses, random holes, etc)
    4. ALWAYS replant whether you are using the tree farm or a crop farm.
    5. Do not tamper with redstone that doesn't belong to you.
    6. Keep it classy. (Keep all your builds/signs appropriate for all ages.
    7. Come to your plot at LEAST once a month or risk your items and buildings will be torn down and placed in a chest for you to pick up. Your plot will be put up for sale. No refunds on the plot purchase.
    Plot sizes vary depending on how big they are. Note: This is a one-time purchase.
    8x8: 100r
    8x16: 170r
    More plot sizes coming soon.

    How to apply for a plot:
    Answer these few questions in this format.
    EMC Age:
    Are you a supporter or have you ever been one?
    How can you prove that we can trust you?
  2. Fist comment :p, Nice :D
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  3. Awesome! Is this all on your residence? :)
  4. Yes. All on my utopia residence.
  5. Sweet! Its nice of you to think of this. :D
  6. Thanks!
  7. Have you looked into whether this is even allowed? I mean, not a bad idea in theory, but I seem to remember it being against the rules to sell flags on your res, which is what this amounts to.
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  8. Tons of hotels do it. Never seen anyone get into trouble about it. Ill look into it though.
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  9. Selling rooms with access signs set up isn't quite the same as selling actual permission flags. Not trying to rain on your parade, just saying you might run into trouble here.
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  10. Going through the rules now.
  11. Did some research and there is no written rule against it, but it isn't encouraged because you could easily get into trouble with scamming n such.
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  12. selling land, or even chunks of land, is not allowed, Hotels themselves are different as you are selling rooms, and all.
  13. Now or not?
  14. That idea is cool . 100 rupees a month is a cheap price.
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  15. Not, sorry typo :p
  16. where is that rule?

    Went through all the rules, I don't see anything like that.

    Also went through the wiki where it may have been stated or apply, found nothing.

    In the past I have openly stated that I am "renting" my res to other players for rupees in front of staff and have had no one say anything to me. I am not saying it isn't something that was discussed at one time just that it is neither articulated in the rules and from my experience isn't the case.

    Disclaimer: I have yet to actually do that it was just an idea. No one wanted to pay my price and all the offers were not something I was willing to do. I never hid it though. Apparently people aren't willing to pay 50kish a month for an extra res which I think is MORE than reasonable :D for only 600k a year have an extra res? If I enjoyed being in town(much prefer the effectively infinitely larger wild area) I would think that that is more than reasonable.
  17. Since there are some that say it isn't and some that say it is, Ill try it out and see how staff responds.
  18. When it comes to the rules keep one very important thing in mind: even if something isn't explicitly stated but still seems 'wrong' then you're still not allowed to do it. As in: also keep the intention of the rules in mind. The problem which I see is that your idea closely touches the banking problem: people pay you money in order to store their stuff (blocks, material & everything they put in their build) on your residence. But that effectively makes their stuff actually become yours:

    One form of bank is charging players to simply store items on another players' residence. This puts your items into their possession with no way for Staff to enforce that those items will be left alone and untouched by the owner. Additionally players sometimes suddenly disappear or could get banned; making your items unavailable or simply gone.

    So as long as you make it perfectly clear that you're selling the ability to use Utopia to other players (you do that I think) and not so much a piece of land to store their stuff on you should be ok I think. I like the idea; allowing players with in-game money to experience Utopia. In fact, I think it's an awesome idea.

    But make absolutely sure that players understand what they get. (edit): And what the risks are.

    If you go derelict then they will lose their access to your residence.
  19. If you want to continue this idea, I suggest creating an outpost in the frontier. You can still govern a place like this, but I suggest making property in the outpost free to use as it will bring in more members and help you grow.