Town Portals

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  1. I'm just wondering, how exactly do you make the portals go to certain residences? That link now goes to coloured signs :(
  2. I think you put a sign with a lot number under it.
  3. wait, under the portal?
  4. I think RTS got rid of portals working as res teleports. Make a pressure plate and put a sign under that block with "teleport"
  5. huh... a while ago, I saw a portal that went to someone's res... it was after RTS i think...
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  6. I believe so, yes. I think I saw someone else's some time ago where I could see the sign underneath.

    I would put one up somewhere and play around with it. It's got to be something like lot number/name. Maybe a /v or Teleport on the sign...

    Edit: I just tried it with a Lot number and it works.
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  8. I remember back in my noob days, when these things were the bomb. It has totally hip to have 20 of them in one of your residences.
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  9. heh, that's... *Pulls up calculator* either 200 or 280 Obsidian, and about a 3rd of a flint & steel.