Town of Salem [FREE online game]

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  1. I came across this wonderful game while on gamejolt. I've been addicted to it, and have once played for two hours straight :D

    The game goes as so: There are 15 people in the town, three of which are apart of the Mafia. The town's goal is the kill the Mafia, while the mafia's job is to kill all of the town's people. However, there is also a Serial killer out, whom the town must find as well. There are also other roles (For the town, and for the Mafia/serial killer), which can end up helping or hurting the Town.

    The catch is: You don't know who is who. Who can you trust, and who is out to murder you?

    If you sign up, we can play a game together. Post the name which you signed up for, and a time to meet to play (Please put it in Central time). You can play alone as well if you want :3
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  2. I'll play!

    Playing currently, it is pretty fun.
  3. Unless you get randomly lynched on the first day >.>
  4. There a way we can friend eachother?
  5. Love this game! I played once and already love it! Thank you for sharing.
  6. :D

    I'll figure it out once i'm done with my game. I'm a Veteran :3
  7. Im playing right now. I think you just died jtc lol. Also how do i jail someone? as the jailor
  8. Alright. Can you guys please list your IGN so that we may friend eachother.
  9. The animation after someone is proven guilty lol.

    My ign: tedrocker
  10. I am still jtc0999. If you go under play in a party, you can invite people. I'll stay in the lobby for 10 minutes, so whoever gets me an invite first i'll join.

    There is also a friends tab, bottom right corner.
    What do you mean i died? :confused:
    Also, when it's daytime, you click on the sun icon at the top left corner, and choose someone from the list.
  11. Added you
  12. I invited you to a party
  13. Never got it D:
  14. Add me im Runningrhino
  15. If you don't get it now, try inviting me.
  16. Invite sent :3
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  17. hey guys invite me to a game if you want
  18. Am right now.
  19. Lol got both u nubs
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  20. Wow, thank you guys now I'm addicted to this...
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