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  1. This thread has been retired because the Live Map of Town now supports residences. On the map you can click on a residence to see who owns it and available residences are shown in blue.
  2. A couple of things to make navigating this easier for everyone.

    1. Make sure you pull up the Live Map of our town while looking at this. It will give you a better visual idea of what's around the numbers.
    2. The number rings start from the inside and go outwards. For example, find 101. the 100s will start going to the right and eventually make a box back to 101. On the outside of this box, will be the 200 ring and so on.
    Had a couple questions about how to navigate the address map, so I hope this helps!
  3. I am also working on getting this to be an overlay in the live map. :)
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  4. I had some extra time, so I color coded the rings to make it as easy as possible to know how to look at the address map.

  5. I would like plot 402 please :)
  6. All yours! :) Welcome to the Empire!
  7. Thank You
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.