Tower On Smp5

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  1. hey Empire,

    So im building a tower on smp5 and it requires alot of rupees and iron. so what i have come up with is if u donate 400r (or more) or a stack of iron (or more), you become a diamond member in my tower which basicly means you get special privellages to my tower.

    If you donate you get.....

    - a teleport to your res (if you donate and your res is on another server, you get a sign advertising your res).
    - access to private balcony with a pool and daily fireworks.
    - your own apartment.
    - a sign saying how much you donated, on the wall of fame.
    - access to villager trading.

    And much more privellages to come. So donate and get all that and much more! :p:D
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  2. i'll keep this in mind
  3. I Already Donated 1,000R, It Looks awesome people!
  4. thanks aphors and jtc i reccomend u dont think about it u do it XD
  5. Will check out and donate fore sure, seems pretty cool.
  6. thanks hash i just started it but im comepletly out of iron now so only the front part is pretty much finished
  7. Neighbor what are you up too . lol I check it out when i get on
  8. ok lol dwight!
  9. Ill deffinately donate (if u donate 800r do u get 2 res teleporters??) :D
  10. no it doesnt matter how much u donate as long as its above 400r or a stack of iron but plz do donate that amount! :D
  11. i donated 400r and im diamonds baby
  12. donated 5000r, hope you'll have fun building it :)
  13. You get 1k daily from your supporter bonus, couldn't you just wait a few days instead of begging? -_-
  14. well, he didn't beg, just asked for 400 so i gave 5000. cause his place looked like he wants to build. at least better than all those shops which make serveral thousand rupees a day an still ask for donations^^
  15. well i only have supporter until january 3rd and i dont know if i am going to get it again so then i will be left with o rupees.
  16. hm, fair point, I suppose.
  17. if i do get diamond again then sure i will do what u said :) im not begging im just asking if they want to do that.;)