[TOURNAMENT] Soup PVP Brackets! 1v1s and 2v2s

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  1. Are you a pvp vet ready to destroy everyone? Never pvp'd before? Someone looking for a way to get back at an annoying neighbor?

    Well, I don't really care, I just wanted to attract some attention. :p

    But, you still should enter the...

    pvp banner.png

    (Note, this is not on emc. This will be on 1998golfer's server (as mine is too crappy to run this :p), so If you don't want to go on it, don't enter.)

    As the guidelines state, I can post the ip here as it's an emc player's (1998golfer) server. If anyone would like to go look at the arena/help me test plugins, the ip is:

    There will be two events for this tournament.

    1v1 brackets and 2v2 brackets.

    8 people can join the 1v1 brackets and 2v2 brackets. This means that there will be 8 players to start with in the 1v1 brackets, and 4 pairs in the 2v2 brackets.

    This event will take place on June 9th, 2013, at 2 PM EST, unless I really screw up. As a mod must be present, I have PM'ed Marg, and she will be there.

    Now, prizes (subject to change, any donations will go directly to this):

    First place: 5k
    Second place: 2k
    Third place: 1k

    (These will be split in the 2v2 brackets, unless the group decides otherwise.)

    I'll also pay you 50r just for joining :p

    If you are clueless, READ THIS SECTION.

    Q: What is soup pvp?
    A: pvp where soup heals health, in this case, 3.5 hearts.

    Q: How do I become good at said soup pvp?
    A: Some common tips are: hotkey, blockhit or strafe, get combos, be really good at refills.

    Q: I have no idea what you just said.
    Hotkey: don't scroll to get around your hotbar, use the 1-9 number keys. Scrolling is quite slow.
    Blockhit: press both your attack key and you use key when holding a sword. Repeat fifteen billion times on someone. Congratulations, you have learned to blockhit. Is easily countered by a good strafer. Also harder to get combos.
    Strafe: moving side to side so your opponent can't hit you. All the while, spamming your attack key as fast as you can
    Combo: when you score hits in rapid succession.
    Refills: when you switch your used bowls for unused soup in your hotbar. Harder than it sounds.

    How to Sign up:

    Say you want to enter. You MUST include whether you want to be in a 1v1 or 2v2, and if a 2v2, you have an option of being assigned a partner, or choosing one, with the other's consent. If nothing is provided, you will be put into 1v1s.

    1v1 list:
    1. princebee
    2. techguy2727
    3. electrobomb
    4. theepic5

    2v2 list:
    Team 1. portalshoo2er and amusedstew (portal stew?)
    Team 2. iamsaj and rxflection (all money goes to iamsaj if they win.)
    Team 3.
    Team 4.

    Bleh, too lazy to do cool formatting now. Will do later.

    Also looking for a remove dropped items automatically plugin, the mess is crazy when someone dies...
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  2. I believe a moderator must attend this (an EMC moderator), unless it is somewhere in that big wall of text...
  3. Erm, why?
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  4. I believe it is fine. Although I won't join because I am awful at PvP.
  5. Hey, it's 50 free rupees just for joining....

    I specifically added that just to get more people to enter :p
  6. If your server uses 100% memory with 2 players on it means it's not powerful enough to run this event.. lol.
  7. But don't 10 people need to be on it...?
  8. Yup. It does give you the added advantage of easier IP sharing though. :)
  9. Give me 10 minutes and I'll have you a 4gb server... Hosted using multicraft CP.. I'll give you access.
  10. Er, now that a mod needs to be at every match, I think so... if I had it the way I intended (at the player's time of choice), the event would be spread over the course of a month.

    Okay, time to send a PM.

    I think I need to rework this :/
  11. ... Don't tell me I wasted 8 dollars..............
  12. lol... If you want it you can, if you don't that's fine too.
  13. Er, Pming mods right now, until then... just ignore this thread and act like I'm stupid.
  14. I want to enter :)
    also, ♪♪♪la di la di la, PRO_G4NGST4 is stupid♪♪♪
  15. For now, just ignore this thread and act like I'm really dumb. Which I am :p
  16. um... ok. ♪♪♪pro is dumb... la di la di la...♪♪♪
  17. Got everything sorted out, this even will take place on June 9th, 2013 at 2 PM EST. Marg will be there as well.

    Thank you so much golfer for letting me use your server. Now if only I wasn't a bukkit plugin nub :p
  18. No prob. Can't wait to see this..