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  1. So, this really is not an important forum, so don't read this is you're looking for something meaningful.

    I have stage fright except my friends say I should join the acapella group next year when I go to 7th-12th jr/sr high school, and they say I'm a really good singer. I want to join, but I'm afraid to get on stage and sing in front of people. The only reason they know how I sound is because they walked into me cleaning a classroom after school.



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  2. I have stage fright too. What I do is get up there and do my best (Though, I usually do horribly and stutter a lot, so maybe I am not the best at giving advice). Good luck!
  3. Don't be afraid...
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  4. You should totally do it! I hate being on stage, but after a while you get used to it, and it will be fun.
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  5. I am now. afraid of ever running into that weirdo ^.^
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  6. I would honestly do it, don't care about what others think, if you are talented go for it :p
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