TopG: Voting twice per day?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 607, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. Hi, it's me again!
    I've seen this trend where people keep saying "You can increase your vote streak every 16 hours" and the voting page even lists that you should vote every 12 hours on topG. I'm wondering though, are we really supposed to do this? I think the only reason that they made it 12 hours is so people don't have to worry about the 24 hours not having past. On other sites, where the minimum is 24 hours, it's very annoying to have to vote at the right time every day. So I'm happy about the 12 hour minimum. I still don't think that means that you can vote twice per day though.. I just don't think they intended that.
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  2. Deleted the double post for ya.

    Here is my take on how this goes, hope I 'explain' it well enough:
    EMC will add one to your vote streak, every 16 hours.
    TopG will let your IP address vote once every 12 hours.

    So, it is really up to you how you wish to vote.
    If you wish to vote for TopG twice a day, go for it! (you will still get rupees and tokens, however voting at the 12 hour mark will not 'add' one to your vote streak) You can still utilize other vote sites to 'vote later' to vote at each 16 hour mark, even if you vote on TopG every 12 hours.

    If you wish to vote on there every 16 hours, go for it! (as 16 hours when EMC will add one to your vote streak, you will get the rupees, tokens, and add one to the vote streak as this is the EMC timing)

    In fact with the new voting contest, I did the maths, and if I vote every 16 hours between now and 10/31, I will 'earn' the tier 2 voters prize, by increasing my vote streak by minimum 70.
  3. Slightly off-topic, but couldn't you just vote on all sites once a day? I heard that voting on all sites gave you an increase in bonus by two, but I'm not sure if that's true or not.
  4. Uh? But that was not really what I was talking about :p I mean more like ethical. Does topg intend you to vote twice a day? Should you really do it, or even support it?
  5. I would do it. If TopG had a serious problem with it, I imagine they wouldn't have allowed it. They had realized that people would vote twice a day.
  6. I have personally never verified if voting on all sites gives a two bonus increase.
    As my son plays, my votes get split between us, so I really cannot verify this.
    I vote typically on all sites, either split (some in the morning, some in the evening), however due to internet access, lately I have just been marking the time and voting on all at the same time (work lunchtime, or starbucks! (hey internet access is internet access))
  7. Yeah. I asked because I really don't feel like waking myself up in the middle of the night just for the sake of doing the sixteen hour vote. :) However, I could probably create some sort of cycle that allows me to succeed...
  8. I will sum it up into : "there is no wrong way to vote, just vote" :D
    Keep in mind, they created the 12 hours between votes, it is no accident!