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  1. Today, I am starting a once a week video, with the top 5 creations of <what is chosen that week> on EMC. Please feel free to vote on the next weeks' top 5. The winner will be chosen on 4/5/12 So Get Ready!
    Next week will be: Creative Piston Inventions.
    Enter the contest below:
    Please tell all your friends about the series!
    Have fun creating the best Piston Inventions you can think of!
  2. Hey samtheboo,
    Great idea! i will watch all those videos :p
    A fun-easy way to make forms it's google docs :) check it out, it might be easier and faster than an e-mail.
  3. And I assume this must be done on a res, correct? So my 6000 block statue of Thomas Jefferson in the Wild doesn't count?
  4. If it's in EMC wild, i must take my hat and make a kingish salute to you.
  5. Wait, and teh servers updated?

    Oh...snap...there goes 53 pickaxes worth of work.
  6. Yeah there was a wild map reset if that's what your talking about :p
    But yet again: Only safe place to build it's your residence at town :)
  7. good idea, i will try it out on the 2nd video!
  8. Include a video of it showing EVERY side of it in the email. remember: this week is pistons!
  9. But it got reset. Ouch.

    I'll see what I can do with pistons.
  10. Please do pistons in your residence.
  11. Because a zombie crusher is beyond difficult to do indeed.

    I'll try my best with something cool. Something...
  12. Maybe a house w/ no doors, and only piston doors
  13. Fun park! Make a video of all the fun to be had there :)
  14. Huh??
  15. better yet: [url=][img][/img][/url]
  16. Wow! Thanks
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