TOP 5 CREATIONS OF THE WEEK 2!!! - IamSaj (Public Chooses Winners)

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  1. <---- Vote Week 2 Winners HERE
    After tremendous support from the Kickstarter, Week 2 is coming at you swinging at full blast. This week, rules are updated, new applying restrictions, and YOU can pick the winner! (Don't worry votes won't be publicly visible.
    Week 2 Rules:
    1. Creation must be built in the Empire Minecraft servers. Must be on your res, and you can use your 120x120 res in Utopia if you have one.
    2. Pictures are again, submitted too but, due too time issues, I will NOT be making a video for the rest of the series. That means you better pay attention to the next thread I post announcing the winners as there will be no video.
    3. Post pictures in ALBUMS (On Imgur), minumum pics: 2 Maximum pics: 6
    After submissions have closed, I will make a thread called (Top 5 Creations of the Week #2 VOTING) and you guys can vote on there. Votes will not be publicly visible. I will narrow down to 10 finalists, then 5 depending on votes.
    4. Same prizes as last week. And as always, good luck. (Give me suggestions for rules here)
    Prizes: ----
    1st Place: 4000r - Also Get: 5 Diamonds
    2nd Place - 3550r - Also Get: 3 Diamonds
    3rd Place - 2500r - Also Get: 2 Diamonds
    4th Place- 1500r - Also Get: 2 Diamonds
    5th Place - 1000r - Also Get: 1 Diamond
    Sponsors (Amazing People) (Donate to Week 2 of Top 5 Creations!)
    Contestants: (Yes, you can start submitting now. Remember: I will not accept it if: You post it on this thread. Post more pictures than said. Or less. Or if it's a video, I will not accept.)
    (Correct Way: Link me too the album of pictures of your creation on
    1. Faithcaster/Robot_Chicken_66 - (Entire Res)
    2. VITIRI - (Stone Brick Castle)
    3. serialkicker - (Sandstone Temple)
    4. Spaskiba - (Iron Structures)
    5. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx - (Brick House)
    6. 1998golfer - (Creeper Faces)
    7. moyaboya - (Chinese Temple/Airship)
    8. GwVSchilling - (Atlantis Hotel/Temple)
    9. Blah3000 - (Numerous Creations on Residence)
    10. sgx2000 - (Bag's End from "The Hobbit")
    11. Levethian - (Pokemon Stadium/Building)
    12. OragasmBear - (Orb Temple/Res)
    ~ IamSaj
  2. NOONE? :/
  3. Does your res have to be fully finish to enter?
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  4. You mean your creation? It has too be basically 80% finished to enter.
  5. I'm trying to get this pinned guys
  6. I got it pinned! Thanks for the help by shaunwhite1982
  7. I can create a cube. It is awesome.
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  8. Sounds great
  9. was about to enter 1111 (me and faiths shop) but i saw he already entered it, can u add my name? he built most of it but i built the dragon egg in :p
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  10. Due to the low amount of traffic the Top 5 Creations is getting, I will be discontinuing the Top 5 Creations of the Week after the third week. But that is only if I don't get enough submissions on this one.
  11. thx mate, i would enter 1515 but it hasn't got the levels, you can check it out to see if its worthy enough to compete, 1515 smp1
  12. Uh... PM me pics posted on in an album? Read the rules in the OP.
  13. i didn't enter it I'm asking if it would be able to go in?
  14. Looks like people are too greedy and want 100k if they win.
    Not that I'm surprised....
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  15. you get 100k if you win?! wow! too bad cant enter, but you are free to visit my res at 15147 at smp7 =P
  16. Hey how do i enter my res into your "contest"?
  17. :mad: Rage face =D
  18. woah. 4000R and 5 diamonds?! XD so jealous XD
  19. 4k is not many, looking what other people have, 4k for me would barely be seen in my balance
  20. I have 12k but still 4k is a lot =P