[Top 10] Best F2P Games

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Do you want more of these?

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Umm what? 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Before I show the games, I have played these games at least once,these are not in a certain order and most of these videos come from the old youtube channel mmohut ... Let's begin

    S4 League

    Also keep in mind, the game has changed drastically and it is amazing...


    GunZ 2: The Second Duel

    Available on Steam


    Path of Exile

    Available on Steam



    I love this game... And my sig has my rank...
    IGN: Dj__Krazy



    Available on Steam
    IGN: DjKrazy
  2. #5:


    Available on Steam
    IGN: DjKrazy



    The game has changed and ADDed more characters...



    IGN: DjKrazy


    Realm of the Mad God

    Available on Steam


    Dragon's Nest

    Keep in mind this game has changed alot and it just had a recent update...
    Available on Steam
    IGN: DjKrazy
  3. Well spoilers are messed up ;-;
  4. I can agree that toribash is great. Some other great free games:
    Neptune's pride 2
    Alien swarm
    Here is a long list.
    Here is an even longer list.

    The second list has mostly truly free games without microtransactions.
    I like free games :p
  5. Take the formatting out of the spoilers. Might fix it. :)
  6. ???
  7. Where is Dota 2? ;-;
  8. Use the rubber on the text editor (where you change fonts etc. above the writing of a post) on the text in the spoilers, it will take away formatting (colour, bold etc.) and should fix the spoiler. If that doesn't work, then it's the videos, but not much you can do about that...
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  10. Nopes ;-;, well all the info are in the last spoiler of every number then :/
  11. Posting this here as well? :p
  12. Needs more attention...
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  13. no TF2? i am dissapoint
  14. No TF2? No RIFT? Not even something like Dota or League of Legends? I haven't even heard of half of these games.
  15. While I realize that this list is composed of games you have played, in accordance with the International Law of I'm Making This up on The Spot, I must ask: where's TF2?
  16. I personally prefer lists where I have never heard of the games before. You should try them out. Maybe you will find a new favorite free game.
    In reply to both of you, these are games that the op has played before. Your top 10 is likely different than the op's top ten.
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