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Have you played Toontown?

Yeah, I used to play all the time, and I still play on Toontown Rewritten! 3 vote(s) 30.0%
I used to play, but don't play Toontoown Rewritten. I might play now though! 4 vote(s) 40.0%
No, I've never played before, but I might start now! 2 vote(s) 20.0%
Never played, probably won't start now :P 1 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. So some of you may be wondering where I disappeared to these past few weeks. (In fact, a few have asked me this specifically ;) )

    To tell the truth, I actually was playing a game other than Minecraft.

    *gasp* I know, I know, shocking!

    So over the past few weeks, I've actually returned to an old game that I used to play a lot. In fact, I've been playing this game on and off since it was released in 2003. (I was about 7 at the time :p )

    So what is "Toontown Rewritten" ?

    Known simply as "Toontown" at the time, it was a Disney owned game that was an online MMORPG for kids. It was probably my first *real* video game, so has a strong nostalgia factor for me since it was basically my childhood.

    So the premise of the game: Toons (that's us, the players) live in this world known as Toontown, with multiple playgrounds and streets that connect them. However, an invading force known as the Cogs want to remove all the fun and joy from Toontown and turn everything into boring, tall buildings and replace everything with machines.

    As a Toon, you start out with a few basic Gags that you use to play pranks on the Cogs. As you use your Gags, you gain experience and can learn new Gags that you can use to play pranks on higher level cogs, and eventually you can even learn new Gag types. You also complete Toontasks for the Toon HQ in order to level yourself up and continue to advance in the game.

    I played this game on and off for about 10 years, and had a ton of fun with it, until they shut it down in 2013. However, soon after that a bunch of fans took the game code and re-created the game, calling it "Toontown Rewritten," and opened it up for everyone to play again!

    I played on and off again over the past 5 years since TTR (Toontown Rewritten) was released, but recently I really got back into the game so I've been devoting quite a bit of time to it :p

    So now my question is: How many of you guys have played Toontown or are currently playing Toontown Rewritten?
    If you're currently playing, we should make plans to meet in-game and stuff!
    If you're not playing, I would seriously recommend it.

    While it is a game intended for kids, the playerbase is really diverse. There is a mixture of younger kids as well as college students and parents/grandparents who all used to play the original Toontown. However, for those of you who are parents with young kids, it's still 100% kid friendly and a fun game to play in downtime. (When you're not already playing on EMC, of course!)

    Right now is also the best time to play, since Toonfest is going on. Basically, you can go to the Toonfest grounds and earn coins that you can use to pay for cool accessories for your Toon, as well as purchase 2x multipliers so you can level up your Toon faster.

    Here is the link to their website if you want to learn more:

    So yeah, I basically want this thread to serve as a way to share the game and potentially discuss it with those who also play it :D In addition, for those that play it I wouldn't mind if we used it as an update thread to share where we're at in the game, occasionally ;)

    Thanks for reading this really, really long post!
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  2. So yeah, here's my Toon details ;) :
    My Toon's name is Baron Sniffy Snorkelpounce. I'm a level 75 and here are my current gags (yes I know, I need to go refill my Sound. I just finished doing some stuff :p ) :

    Also a pic of my Toon:
  3. OMG I used to play this way back then :p hmm I might look into playing the rewritten one now :p this is awesome....i like your Toons name xDDD
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  4. I love this game! I maxed the original TT before it was shut down in 2013. Had to start over when TTR was released shortly after. I'm currently level 120 but I haven't played much lately. I will certainly look you up next time I play!
    My toon name is Moe :D

    I went to the same spot as in your picture :)
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  5. Oooo might consider downloading this if not now for sure when I get a better computer ^-^ I loved it when I was smoller :3
  6. omg i used to play the original one back quite a few years :D
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  7. never heard of it before but if I get some time I'll give it a shot.
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  8. I've been told about this before... maybe in a YouTube video...
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  9. lol thanks! And yeah, it's awesome cause they've actually made some changes to the game too, and improved on parts of it. They even have plans to add things into the game that wasn't in the original, so it should be exciting! #CogNation

    Hmm, looks like your images aren't working for me, try uploading again? And that's awesome that you're a lvl 120, you need to work on getting the rest of your stuff so you can max out though! :p And yeah, we'll def have make plans for that eventually. Maybe one day I can organize an EMC meetup over there :D

    This game is from 2003 - as long as your computer isn't from 2003 too, it should run it fine :p And for sure, let me know when you start playing so we can maybe do stuff some time :D

    The nostalgia is real, if you ever load up the game again. It's still an awesome game.

    It's a lot of fun - def cartoonish and cheesy in that Disney way, but it's actually fun lol

    Doesn't surprise me. One of the things you might actually be interested in: now that the new team of people have taken over, they have actually been working on redoing some of the soundtracks for the game. Music plays in the background when you're in certain areas, but they've been "modernizing" the soundtracks. They sound pretty cool so far, though it's taken a bit of time to get used to for me :p

    So yeah, I've been playing a lot since I last posted here. I actually leveled up quite a few of my gags, got a few Supers now and am close to getting some more. Only a lvl 78 though still, been focusing more on my cog suits and gags rather than doing laugh point toon tasks. I'll share some pics later when I'm next in-game there ;)
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  10. Interesting! I recognise that, haha. :p It's very rarely that a redone or improved soundtrack sounds better than the original to me, but I can think of one case. However, even in that case, I prefer to listen to the original, because, well... it's the original. ;) In this case though, the soundtrack was redone by the original composer, which is probably why it is able to stay so close to the original ideas while improving on the sound quality!
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  11. I uploaded my pics again. I maxed sellbot and cashbot already. I've completed all my cog suits so I'm ready to start lawbot and bossbot. The CEO is a pain to defeat :confused: Need a good team to have a fighting chance:rolleyes:
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  12. Nice! I'm not quite there yet to do a CEO, but once I am I'd be willing to go in with you. I actually play with my family as well, so usually them 3 and I head into stuff like that together. Be happy to include you when you can join ;) Makes it a lot easier when everyone is working together and knows how to play :p

    Here's my gags at the moment:

    The Toonfest exp multipliers are helping a lot with leveling stuff up, so I should have the rest of my supers soon as well :D Hoping to max out my sellbot suit soon, too, currently a level 23 Mr. Hollywood.