Tools glitch (bug or whatever)

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  1. Something very weird and inconvinient has just happened to me.

    I had in my inventory 3 picks: 2 diamonds, 1 fortune and 1 silktouch, and 1 iron. The silktouch one was more used than the other two. After using it on some ores, I changed to the fortune one to mine coal and then to the iron one to mine my way through stone.

    One minute later, I opened my inventory and saw just one diamond pickaxe. I of course fretted and went back over my steps to see if I had dropped it. It was not near the place where I had used it nor on the way to the point I found out it was missing. I checked again the inventory and this is the weird part: I now had two iron pickaxes, one of them exactly as used as the silktouch diamond...

    I closed and opened inv, logged out and logged in and nothing changed, still two iron pickaxes. It had happened to me before to break an enchanted tool and find it dropped or in my inventory again, maybe because of the unbreaking. But changing materials... I don't know.

    Has this happened to you too? Am I going crazy? Not going to make a poll because the crazy answer would win xD but yeah :( hilfe, bitte?
  2. Blame Aikar.
  3. Comment...all the bugs!
  4. I have had that happen to me some time ago, and going back even further after 1.3 it was a big problem.
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